Classes are run by our experienced and qualified coaches and we offer different levels to cater for all athletes from absolute beginners to elite tumblers. They offer an excellent opportunity for affordable, additional training for Rec, School, or All-Star cheerleaders as well as those from other sports/activities (e.g dance) who wish to improve their tumbling skills in a safe and supervised environment.

Please call ahead for pricing information! 


Call for Pro Rated Registration Pricing

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NOVICE - forward and backward rolls, handstand, cartwheel, roundoff, backbend kickover, front walkover

INTERMEDIATE A - need a spot for back handspring

INTERMEDIATE B - can do back handspring without a spot, need a spot on back tuck

ADVANCED - standing and running tucks, layouts, fulls, and double fulls.


$40 Registration Fee (good from May-April)

Monthly session - $15 per class for Jersey Pride members / $17 per class for non Jersey Pride members.

Full session fee to be paid at time of enrollment in class. No exceptions.

OPEN classes $15 (pay as you go)
If you have questions on placement, please contact the gym.

Class Schedule

*Please note that each class is limited to 8 tumblers*


4:30PM | 8 and Under Open – 

4:30PM | Open – Zeke

5:15PM | Strength & Flexibility - Bridget

5:30PM | Intermediate A – Zeke

5:30PM | Novice – 


5:00PM | Open – Zeke

6:00PM | Intermediate A/B – Dana

8:00PM | JP Only Open – AJ


5:00PM | Open – John

5:30PM | Intermediate A  Zeke 

6:00PM | Novice - AJ



5:00PM | 8 and Under Open – Sam

5:00PM | Open – John

5:00PM | Strength & Flexibility - Tori 

6:00PM | Intermediate A/B – Sam

6:00PM | Advanced – John

8:00PM | JP Only Open – John




5:00 OPEN - Zeke

6:00 OPEN - AJ

7:00 OPEN - John

3 hours of open tumble! Choose 1,2, or 3 hours.

1 hour for $15, 2 hours for $25 and 3 hours for $30!